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Category: ELA 11.17

(17) Oral and Written Conventions/Conventions. Students understand the function of and use the conventions of academic language when speaking and writing. Students will continue to apply earlier standards with greater complexity. Students are expected to:

(A) use and understand the function of different types of clauses and phrases (e.g., adjectival, noun, adverbial clauses and phrases); and

(B) use a variety of correctly structured sentences (e.g., compound, complex, compound-complex).

Plans for the Week of 9/17-9/21

AP English III

Monday- Using diction (connotation) to find tone: Analyze Old Major’s speech from Animal Farm; find at least 10 emotionally-charged words that reveal his tone. Share chosen words and tones as a class. Review “Mona Lisa” analysis paragraphs. Review game for Tone Words Test tomorrow!

Tuesday- Tone Words Test; Assign date for Set 2 Tone Words- September 27th; take “The Wife-Beater” by Gayle Rosenwald Smith home to read and sketch out a SOAPS analysis on notebook paper for homework

Wednesday-Analyze diction to find tone: Using a political cartoon, decide author’s purpose, subject, examples of diction that reveal these things & tone, write 3 sentence analysis paragraph using previous model to analyze the way diction is used in this cartoon to help the audience understand the tone. Conduct a Paideia Seminar on the text “The Wife-Beater” from last night’s homework.

Thursday-Write a brief, three-sentence analysis of the way diction is used to convey tone in “The Wife Beater” using just ONE word as an example. (topic sentence, supporting detail, and elaboration) Complete the Diction Scavenger Hunt using your Rhetorical Diction Tools handout and “The Wife Beater.”

Friday-Warm-up practicing connotation; Constructing a thesis statement that controls a rhetorical analysis essay: take a released Question 3 AP prompt (Nancy Mairs, “I am a Cripple), sketch out a SOAPS individually. In groups come to a consensus on Purpose, then discuss primary and secondary tones. Define “thesis” and copy a model of a thesis construction using “Our Barbies, Ourselves.” Students then write thesis statements for an analysis of Nancy Mairs’s excerpt.


English III

Monday- Subordinating Conjunctions and Dependent Clauses presentation & guided note-taking; attach these notes on page 13 and list of subordinating conjunctions on page 14

Tuesday- Subordinating conjunctions application practice: terms review, dependent vs. independent, punctuating complex sentences, joining sentences into a complex sentence using subordinating conjunctions

Wednesday- Relative Pronouns Presentation & Guided Note-taking

Thursday- Relative Pronouns Application Practice

Friday- Complex Sentences Presentation & Guided Notes

Plan for the Week 8/27-8/31

AP Language & Composition

Monday- set up notebooks, comp  books, sign up for Google Classroom, go over Animal Farm test and AP M/C Baseline practice

Tuesday- 40-minute baseline writing assignment using a released rhetorical analysis prompt; due at the end of class

Wednesday- Begin rhetorical analysis; The Rhetorical Triangle with “Our Barbies, Ourselves”

Thursday-SOAPSToneS method with “The Black Table is Still There” and an editorial from a local newspaper

Friday- Introduction to style and tone; categorization of tone words; Introduce tone vocabulary: “100 Shades of Tone: An Advanced Writing Word Study”

English III

Monday- Simple Sentence Notes on p. 7 of Composition Books; Manipulative practice: cut subjects and predicates of simple sentences out and paste them in a chart (categorizing) then circle simple subject/box simple predicate

Tuesday- Individual students will demonstrate/”teach” the class how to identify and categorize subjects and predicates; Applying what we’ve learned: “More Simple Sentences” daily grade assignment (using notes from comp book)

Wednesday- Writing with Simple Sentences- writing a sentence and a paragraph of only simple sentences using new vocabulary words daily grade (using notes from the comp book and a dictionary)

Thursday- Share paragraphs with the class from yesterday’s assignment; Simple sentence review for test tomorrow

Friday- Simple Sentences Test (dependent vs. independent clauses, compare simple sentences, fragments, and run-ons, punctuation)

Plan for the Week 8/20-8/24

AP Language & Composition

Monday- Animal Farm Test; set-up supplies

Tuesday- Persuasive Speeches

Wednesday- Persuasive Speeches

Thursday- Socratic Seminar over Animal Farm

Friday- AP M/C Pre-assessment

English III

Monday- Collect supplies; Stations; “You Are Here” Activity

Tuesday- Grammar Notes: Punctuation & Parts of Speech notes in Interactive Notebook

Wednesday- Punctuation/Parts of speech review; Grammar Pre-assessment

Thursday- Sentence Structure Unit: Simple Sentences

Friday- Sentence Structure Unit: Simple Sentences

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