AP English III

Monday- Complete Diction Scavenger Hunt for homework; Warm-up: discuss word pairs in groups-share out differences in connotation; Read “I am a Cripple” essay by Nancy Mairs; sketch out SOAPS analysis; post your “P” (purpose) on the board; determine primary tone and secondary tone using categorized tone word handout

Tuesday- Diction Scavenger Hunt due! Define “thesis statement” in composition book; copy modeled thesis statement; Using yesterday’s handout and modeled example, students write a thesis statement for an analysis of the Mairs excerpt. Hang thesis statements around the room; student gallery walk to evaluate effectiveness and clarity of each statement.

Wednesday- EARLY RELEASE DAY! Review for tone word test #2.

Thursday- Tone Word Test #2; Look at Rhetorical Analysis Construction Plan A: Device by Device; begin crafting an analysis paragraph on diction in the Mairs essay. Topic sentence-supporting detail-elaboration. Students will draft a body paragraph.

Friday- Finish body paragraphs from yesterday. Peer review. Share out for teacher review. Revise and turn in final copy.


English III

Monday- Complex Sentence Quiz; Compound/Complex Sentences Notes: using presentation posted in Google Classroom, complete guided notes, attach in composition books on page 17.

Tuesday- Compound/Complex Practice


Thursday- Types of Sentences Task Cards/Stations; Review for Compound-Complex Sentence Test

Friday- Compound/Complex Test