AP English III

Monday- Assign List 1 of Tone Words to learn and study. Quiz over these words will be next Tuesday 9/18! Lesson on Tone: 1.) Students in pairs will be given a written scenario. They will decide what the conversation is about and choose tones from Handout F that fit each speaker. Rehearse faces, voices, and body language to match the tone they chose. Perform the skit for the class and discuss how they communicated tone. 2.) Analyze da Vinci’s “Grotesque Portrait Study of Man” for tone. Once you have a tone word in mind, look at Handout H, and fine tune choices. Pair up and compare tone words with a partner.

Tuesday- 1.) Detail & Tone: Analyze David Alfaro Siqueiros’s “The Echo of the Scream” for details to list on paper. Based on the details, how do you think the painter feels about the subject? (begin putting yourself in the shoes of the painter) 2.) Model and practice paragraph construction for the rhetorical analysis essay, first using details from DaVinci’s painting from yesterday. Then practice again using a Nina Berman photograph (Pfc. Alan Jermaine Lewis, 23). Color code each step in the paragraph construction.

Wednesday- Share some responses from yesterday. Review the parts of the paragraph: Topic Sentence, Supporting Detail, Elaboration (or TEX). Given da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa,” students will individually write a topic sentence, supporting detail, and elaboration sentence analyzing the impact that details have on creating tone.

Thursday- Analyze various texts to determine how diction helps to communicate an author’s tone. Warm-up: chart of categories/brand names activity. Model how to look for diction/connotation in a passage to help identify tone. Students then annotate their own passage for diction/connotation to identify tone.

Friday- Review game for Tone Words Set #1; Quiz on Tuesday, September 18.


English III

Monday- Review graded quizzes. Notes on FANBOYS in Composition Book. Sentence Types Maze activity.

Tuesday- Application of prior learning: Writing with Compound Sentences

Wednesday- Compound Sentences Review

Friday- Compound/Simple Sentences Quiz