AP English III

Monday- Labor Day Holiday!

Tuesday- SOAPS Analysis of “The Black Table is Still There” in partners; transfer answers on large anchor chart paper and hang up around the room; Gallery Walk- students walk around and stick a post-it note on the analysis that you think is the most thorough and accurate

Wednesday- Read a local newspaper editorial, “Back to School”; highlight and mark-up sentences or phrases that indicate the speaker, intended audience, and author’s purpose.  Fill out a SOAPS Analysis in your composition book. Attach article on the next page of your comp book.

Thursday- Read and analyze opinion piece, “It’s Time to Ban Youth Tackle Football.” Complete a SOAPS analysis in your comp book.

Friday- Introduction to Analyzing Style and Tone in Analyzing Rhetoric: Sorting tone words by connotation; post on anchor charts into given categories


English III

Monday- Labor Day Holiday!

Tuesday- Quiz #1 “Parts of Speech and Sentences/Fragments/Run-ons”

Wednesday- Compound Sentences Introductory Presentation & Student Notes (Google Classroom Link)

Thursday- Simple & Compound Sentences assignment

Friday- Sentence Stations- move around the room to all the stations, labeling each type of sentence on your grid.