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Month: September 2018

Plans for the Week of 9/24-9/28

AP English III

Monday- Complete Diction Scavenger Hunt for homework; Warm-up: discuss word pairs in groups-share out differences in connotation; Read “I am a Cripple” essay by Nancy Mairs; sketch out SOAPS analysis; post your “P” (purpose) on the board; determine primary tone and secondary tone using categorized tone word handout

Tuesday- Diction Scavenger Hunt due! Define “thesis statement” in composition book; copy modeled thesis statement; Using yesterday’s handout and modeled example, students write a thesis statement for an analysis of the Mairs excerpt. Hang thesis statements around the room; student gallery walk to evaluate effectiveness and clarity of each statement.

Wednesday- EARLY RELEASE DAY! Review for tone word test #2.

Thursday- Tone Word Test #2; Look at Rhetorical Analysis Construction Plan A: Device by Device; begin crafting an analysis paragraph on diction in the Mairs essay. Topic sentence-supporting detail-elaboration. Students will draft a body paragraph.

Friday- Finish body paragraphs from yesterday. Peer review. Share out for teacher review. Revise and turn in final copy.


English III

Monday- Complex Sentence Quiz; Compound/Complex Sentences Notes: using presentation posted in Google Classroom, complete guided notes, attach in composition books on page 17.

Tuesday- Compound/Complex Practice


Thursday- Types of Sentences Task Cards/Stations; Review for Compound-Complex Sentence Test

Friday- Compound/Complex Test

Plans for the Week of 9/17-9/21

AP English III

Monday- Using diction (connotation) to find tone: Analyze Old Major’s speech from Animal Farm; find at least 10 emotionally-charged words that reveal his tone. Share chosen words and tones as a class. Review “Mona Lisa” analysis paragraphs. Review game for Tone Words Test tomorrow!

Tuesday- Tone Words Test; Assign date for Set 2 Tone Words- September 27th; take “The Wife-Beater” by Gayle Rosenwald Smith home to read and sketch out a SOAPS analysis on notebook paper for homework

Wednesday-Analyze diction to find tone: Using a political cartoon, decide author’s purpose, subject, examples of diction that reveal these things & tone, write 3 sentence analysis paragraph using previous model to analyze the way diction is used in this cartoon to help the audience understand the tone. Conduct a Paideia Seminar on the text “The Wife-Beater” from last night’s homework.

Thursday-Write a brief, three-sentence analysis of the way diction is used to convey tone in “The Wife Beater” using just ONE word as an example. (topic sentence, supporting detail, and elaboration) Complete the Diction Scavenger Hunt using your Rhetorical Diction Tools handout and “The Wife Beater.”

Friday-Warm-up practicing connotation; Constructing a thesis statement that controls a rhetorical analysis essay: take a released Question 3 AP prompt (Nancy Mairs, “I am a Cripple), sketch out a SOAPS individually. In groups come to a consensus on Purpose, then discuss primary and secondary tones. Define “thesis” and copy a model of a thesis construction using “Our Barbies, Ourselves.” Students then write thesis statements for an analysis of Nancy Mairs’s excerpt.


English III

Monday- Subordinating Conjunctions and Dependent Clauses presentation & guided note-taking; attach these notes on page 13 and list of subordinating conjunctions on page 14

Tuesday- Subordinating conjunctions application practice: terms review, dependent vs. independent, punctuating complex sentences, joining sentences into a complex sentence using subordinating conjunctions

Wednesday- Relative Pronouns Presentation & Guided Note-taking

Thursday- Relative Pronouns Application Practice

Friday- Complex Sentences Presentation & Guided Notes

Plans for the Week of 9/10-9/14

AP English III

Monday- Assign List 1 of Tone Words to learn and study. Quiz over these words will be next Tuesday 9/18! Lesson on Tone: 1.) Students in pairs will be given a written scenario. They will decide what the conversation is about and choose tones from Handout F that fit each speaker. Rehearse faces, voices, and body language to match the tone they chose. Perform the skit for the class and discuss how they communicated tone. 2.) Analyze da Vinci’s “Grotesque Portrait Study of Man” for tone. Once you have a tone word in mind, look at Handout H, and fine tune choices. Pair up and compare tone words with a partner.

Tuesday- 1.) Detail & Tone: Analyze David Alfaro Siqueiros’s “The Echo of the Scream” for details to list on paper. Based on the details, how do you think the painter feels about the subject? (begin putting yourself in the shoes of the painter) 2.) Model and practice paragraph construction for the rhetorical analysis essay, first using details from DaVinci’s painting from yesterday. Then practice again using a Nina Berman photograph (Pfc. Alan Jermaine Lewis, 23). Color code each step in the paragraph construction.

Wednesday- Share some responses from yesterday. Review the parts of the paragraph: Topic Sentence, Supporting Detail, Elaboration (or TEX). Given da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa,” students will individually write a topic sentence, supporting detail, and elaboration sentence analyzing the impact that details have on creating tone.

Thursday- Analyze various texts to determine how diction helps to communicate an author’s tone. Warm-up: chart of categories/brand names activity. Model how to look for diction/connotation in a passage to help identify tone. Students then annotate their own passage for diction/connotation to identify tone.

Friday- Review game for Tone Words Set #1; Quiz on Tuesday, September 18.


English III

Monday- Review graded quizzes. Notes on FANBOYS in Composition Book. Sentence Types Maze activity.

Tuesday- Application of prior learning: Writing with Compound Sentences

Wednesday- Compound Sentences Review

Friday- Compound/Simple Sentences Quiz

Plans for the Week 9/3-9/7

AP English III

Monday- Labor Day Holiday!

Tuesday- SOAPS Analysis of “The Black Table is Still There” in partners; transfer answers on large anchor chart paper and hang up around the room; Gallery Walk- students walk around and stick a post-it note on the analysis that you think is the most thorough and accurate

Wednesday- Read a local newspaper editorial, “Back to School”; highlight and mark-up sentences or phrases that indicate the speaker, intended audience, and author’s purpose.  Fill out a SOAPS Analysis in your composition book. Attach article on the next page of your comp book.

Thursday- Read and analyze opinion piece, “It’s Time to Ban Youth Tackle Football.” Complete a SOAPS analysis in your comp book.

Friday- Introduction to Analyzing Style and Tone in Analyzing Rhetoric: Sorting tone words by connotation; post on anchor charts into given categories


English III

Monday- Labor Day Holiday!

Tuesday- Quiz #1 “Parts of Speech and Sentences/Fragments/Run-ons”

Wednesday- Compound Sentences Introductory Presentation & Student Notes (Google Classroom Link)

Thursday- Simple & Compound Sentences assignment

Friday- Sentence Stations- move around the room to all the stations, labeling each type of sentence on your grid.

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