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Month: August 2018

Plan for the Week 8/27-8/31

AP Language & Composition

Monday- set up notebooks, comp  books, sign up for Google Classroom, go over Animal Farm test and AP M/C Baseline practice

Tuesday- 40-minute baseline writing assignment using a released rhetorical analysis prompt; due at the end of class

Wednesday- Begin rhetorical analysis; The Rhetorical Triangle with “Our Barbies, Ourselves”

Thursday-SOAPSToneS method with “The Black Table is Still There” and an editorial from a local newspaper

Friday- Introduction to style and tone; categorization of tone words; Introduce tone vocabulary: “100 Shades of Tone: An Advanced Writing Word Study”

English III

Monday- Simple Sentence Notes on p. 7 of Composition Books; Manipulative practice: cut subjects and predicates of simple sentences out and paste them in a chart (categorizing) then circle simple subject/box simple predicate

Tuesday- Individual students will demonstrate/”teach” the class how to identify and categorize subjects and predicates; Applying what we’ve learned: “More Simple Sentences” daily grade assignment (using notes from comp book)

Wednesday- Writing with Simple Sentences- writing a sentence and a paragraph of only simple sentences using new vocabulary words daily grade (using notes from the comp book and a dictionary)

Thursday- Share paragraphs with the class from yesterday’s assignment; Simple sentence review for test tomorrow

Friday- Simple Sentences Test (dependent vs. independent clauses, compare simple sentences, fragments, and run-ons, punctuation)

Plan for the Week 8/20-8/24

AP Language & Composition

Monday- Animal Farm Test; set-up supplies

Tuesday- Persuasive Speeches

Wednesday- Persuasive Speeches

Thursday- Socratic Seminar over Animal Farm

Friday- AP M/C Pre-assessment

English III

Monday- Collect supplies; Stations; “You Are Here” Activity

Tuesday- Grammar Notes: Punctuation & Parts of Speech notes in Interactive Notebook

Wednesday- Punctuation/Parts of speech review; Grammar Pre-assessment

Thursday- Sentence Structure Unit: Simple Sentences

Friday- Sentence Structure Unit: Simple Sentences

Plans for the Week 8/16-8/17


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Symbolism activity- sculpt a physical symbol of given abstract concepts



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