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Month: August 2015

English II Plans for the Week of 8/31-9/4

Monday- Set-up our English Interactive Notebooks. Introduce vocabulary for “Lamb to the Slaughter” (discuss context clues, parts of speech, synonyms and antonyms)   Homework: Vocabulary Practice is due Friday.

Tuesday- Plot Analysis (activity in Interactive Notebook). Begin reading “Lamb to the Slaughter” together as a class.

Wednesday- Finish reading “Lamb to the Slaughter” followed by discussion. Work on finding text evidence to support answers to discussion questions.

Thursday-Complete “Plot Analysis” in Interactive Notebooks

Friday- Answer questions on “Lamb to the Slaughter” with partners.

Fun first week!

I had such a great time getting to know my students this week. We did a lot of hands-on, creative activities to express our unique interests and passions. We sculpted, collaborated, drew, colored, worked on iPads, and discussed expectations for this year. I believe we made a great start to the best year ever! If you haven’t followed our class Twitter yet, find us at @simscity153. We will post small glimpses of what we are doing in the classroom each week so that I can brag on my geniuses and you can see how hard they are working!

What are you teaching the world?

English II Lesson Plans for August 24-28, 2015

Getting to know you…

Monday- Symbolic Sculpture and presentations, school supply list and contact information will be sent home. School supplies are due by Monday, August 31st.

Tuesday- Survivor (collaborative activity) and presentations

Wednesday- Student Assessment:  What is your child’s genius?  Every child has a genius – that combination of passion and unique strengths in which they absolutely thrive. It’s Thrively’s mission to uncover that genius in everyone!

Thursday- Brainstorm, design, and create a symbol of who you are using various artistic medium.  “Our class is the best… hands down!”

Friday- (Pep Rally Schedule) What to expect in English II this year? We will learn my class expectations, procedures, and policies. Classroom twitter topic: What went right this week?

Happy to be here!

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I grew up in White Oak most of my life. I went to school here from Kindergarten until graduation in 1998. I love this community with all my heart. I believe we have the best people, the best school system, and the best students of any town anywhere. I feel incredibly blessed to be now working in THE best community in THE best state. I have previously taught at Gladewater ISD and Longview ISD and cherish my time in both of those schools, but it was finally time to come teach in my own hometown. I have two kiddos, both Roughnecks, of course! Alli is going into the 3rd grade, and she keeps us busy with dance class, lots of animal raising, and daily bike rides. Grant will be a freshman this year. With him, we live a good portion of our lives at fields…both baseball and football. My husband, Cory, works for General Dynamics and graduated from Harmony in 1997. However, he converted to being a Roughneck fan pretty early on in our marriage. Our favorite thing to do is watch sports together…high school, college, and professional. I am a huge fan of the Texas Longhorns and sweet tea. When I can steal a few minutes away from the craziness of life, I enjoy reading in a quiet room. It is a rare treat! Ha!

This year, I have the privilege teaching English I and English II. I am so excited to meet my students.  An adventure awaits us all, and I cannot wait to get started!

S. Sims


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