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Week 21: 1/23-1/27

Monday: Reading (SSR); Vocabulary Charts due. Check for grade.

Tuesday: Reading; Introducing the Declaration of Independence (video); Read the Declaration

Wednesday: Stations about Declaration (analyze primary sources and how they relate to the colonists’ grievances)

Thursday: Reading; Finish stations

Friday: Reading; Vocabulary Test for List 8

Week 13: Nov. 7-11

Monday- Finish/check Act II Qz; begin Vocabulary Chart for List 6

Tuesday- Free reading library books; work on Vocab Chart.

Wedneday- Begin Act III of The Crucible

Thursday- Finish Act III of The Crucible; finish charts/free reading

Friday- Vocabulary Chart is DUE!; Ms. Wright will be in to discuss ASVAB scores

(Next Vocabulary Test is on Tuesday of next week)

Week 12: Oct. 31- Nov.4

Monday- Act 1 Qz

Tuesday-Friday- Free Reading; Read The Crucible aloud in class

Week 7: 9/26-9/30

Week 7

Monday- FR; Assign groups for American Literary Periods research project

Tuesday- FR; Vocabulary chart List 4 is due!; American Literary Periods research project

Wednesday- FR; American Literary Periods research project

Thursday- FR; ACT English prep

Friday- FR; ACT English prep


Week 6: 9/19-9/23

Monday- FR; Work on NA Cave Drawings

Tuesday- FR; Vocabulary List 3 #41-60

Wednesday- FR; NA Cave Drawings Due!

Thursday- American Literary Periods

Friday- American Literary Periods

Week 5: 9/12-9/16

Monday- FR; work on vocabulary charts for SAT Words List 3 (41-60)

Tuesday-Read “The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush”; discuss & research cave paintings & dream depictions

Wednesday- Brainstorm/research/plan individual Cave Painting Project

Thursday- Work on Cave Painting/Dream Depiction project

Friday- FR; vocabulary charts due (list 3); work on Cave Painting project

Week 4: 9/5-9/9


Tuesday-Thursday- work on Native American folktale skits (group project)

Friday- Native American folktale skit presentations

Week 3: Aug. 29- Sep. 2

Monday- FR; Vocabulary Chart #2 Due!; Read three Native American folk tale picture books; Respond to questions from GC

Tuesday- FR; Read N/A Trickster Tales posted on GC

Wednesday- FR; Win Wednesday; Vocabulary Test #2

Thursday- Mrs. Wright in to speak

Friday- FR; In groups, write your own creation or trickster tale skit based on the Native American creation tales we’ve studied.


Week 2: Aug. 22-26

Monday- Get library books from library! Grammar Pre-assessment (parts 1-3)

Tuesday- Free reading; Vocabulary 1 Test; Begin Vocabulary Chart 2 (due next Tuesday)

Wednesday- Free reading; Grammar Pre-assessment (parts 4-6); Read short story: When Grizzlies Walked Upright

Thursday- Free reading; Pre-assessment (parts 7-8);N.A. Picture Book stations

Friday- Free reading; finish pre-assessments; N.A. Picture Book stations

Week 1: Aug. 15- Aug. 19

Monday-Set up folders/comp books; enroll in Google Classroom; Begin Vocabulary Chart #1 (due Friday)

Tuesday- Watch “The Danger of a Single Story” Ted Talk; discuss multiple sides of American history; stereotypes

Wednesday- Intro to Native American Literature; Begin “The World on the Turtle’s Back”

Thursday- Work together in groups to complete a handout for “The World on the Turtle’s Back”

Friday- Check SAT Vocabulary Chart 1; finish analysis for “The World on the Turtle’s Back”

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